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©2019 by Cllr Sorcha O'Neill.

Why vote for me?

Why bother voting, all politicians are the same?

I am an independent candidate which means I am not in any camp or told to vote in a certain way. I am free to make decisions that are right for Naas not because of whats easy or with the old attitude of “well that’s the way we have always done things” 

I am putting myself forward for the Local Elections because I have a fire in my belly for more change, more equality of systems, more transparency. I want to Do more to make politics relevant to ordinary people not just for those who know the right man who says he can get things done on a wink and a nod. I want to DO more to build our county town of Naas and for our county. 

To do that, I ask that you vote for me as your Number 1/Umhir 1 for Local Elections in 2019. 

Why bother voting, all politicians are the same……

Before I got into local politics I would have agreed with that sentiment. Now having worked and met a large number of local and national politicians, I can tell you that politicians are not all the same. There are some huge differences, trouble is how to tell which is worth your time. Not unlike an interview process, you need to have some questions prepared to weed out the time wasters. As with many large organisations, some of us work hard and there are some just show up to collect a pay cheque.

I believe that if we continue to vote in the same big party players, nothing will ever change. Two parties have a stranglehold on our local and national government, two parties not unlike each other, two sides of the same coin. This duopoly is holding back vital progress at local level.

We need more independent voices and opinions in our local and national politics to truly reflect and represent the needs of today’s society.

That is why, I am asking you to vote for me so I can be Your Independent Voice for the Future.

Voting Number 1 for Sorcha O’Neill is a vote for innovation & dedication for a vibrant future for our towns and villages, for the full term and not just at election time.