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What do County Councilors Do?

What does the role of a county councilor entail?

Kildare County Council has 40 elected members for a full council and broken up into the separate municipal districts. 

Naas Municipal District has 9 members current but this will change to 7 for the 2019 elections.

Each month councillors have the option to bring forth 2 motions and 2 questions per month on behalf of the people on a Municipal Level. 1 Motion is allowed per councillor on a full countywide basis. 

There are also approximately 6 to 10 meeting per month that members should attend. 

In 2016 I decided to give up my full-time PAYE job to focus on my commitment to being a county councilor. I utilise my time in council fully engaging in productive debates, bringing forward new ideas and pressing issues to the table on behalf of the people.

I am very active in the community in a meaningful way and not just for ribbon-cutting ceremonies. I work on a voluntary basis bringing new festivals and cultural events to Naas and improving footfall to the town. I work with the Access & Disability Group to improve universal access in our towns.

I am currently working on a new project to revitalize the New Face of Naas called #NaasLift. I also help community groups like Naas Community First Responders get off the ground with fundraising and council assistance