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©2019 by Cllr Sorcha O'Neill.

Roads, Transport and Commuting

Feeder bus from Sallins train station

Requested more visibility and promotion of the feeder bus from Sallins train station to Naas. I await the official response from Irish Rail. Currently the only available information is available on the rail timetable for routes from Dublin-Port Laois routes in bright blue.

Directional signage from Sallins Train station into Naas

In 2015 I asked Naas Council to provide directional signage from Sallins Train station into Naas Town for visitors and tourists.

More funding allocation for roads

Requested more funding allocation for roads on national basis as Kildare received just 4% of national funding in 2016.

Traffic Calming

Over my time in council, I have repeatedly asked for various traffic calming measures in Sallins and Kilcullen and Brannockstown. I also put forward a motion at budget time to increase the budget allocation on a county wide basis, to which I received no support for and was refused. Some minor works have taken place in both areas but I will continue to fight for more

More Electric Car Chargers

That this council installs an electric car charging facility in its own car park in Devoy Park, Naas. The council put forward an application for 6 EV chargers as part of national grant which was refused. I will continue to push for more outlets.

More Bike Racks

My request to install more bike racks at Bus Stop locations along the Dublin road in Naas to aid commuters taking the bus was successful. At the new additions at the Cinema bus stop are in regular use.

Pedestrian crossing at the hospital

Many of my requests for the installation of a pedestrian crossing at the hospital in Naas pleas have gone under the radar but I will continue to press for a safer crossing at this location

Thompsons Cross in Kilcullen

Requested the area engineer and safety audit personnel to meet at Thompsons Cross in Kilcullen to discuss the recent improvements

Kilcullen Bus Services

Following the latest cuts to bus services in the Kilcullen area I asked that the council write to the National Transport Authority to request additional support to provide alternatives such as local link inter-town connectivity for this area

Wheelchair friendly car parking

Upon the request of the KCA I requested a wheelchair friendly car parking space on opposite end of town in Kilcullen near the town Hall area and to change the parking placements across from the town hall

Provide safe bus bays in Sallins

Further to public requests I motioned that the council in conjunction with the Dept of Education and bus service providers that they designate and arranges safe bus bays in the village of Sallins for the use of pick up and drop off points for school children

Reinstate the pedestrian crossing at Sallins Church

I have also requested that the council reinstates the pedestrian crossing at the Church / School on the Sallins Road in Naas

Cut back foliage on the N7 / M7

That the Council works in conjunction with the NTA to cut back the foliage covering the signage on the N7/M7

Yellow Box for Hazlemere

At the request of the residents association I requested that the council installs a yellow box at the entrance to Hazelmere Estate in Naas

install bus stop at Esmondale

Following complaints that some buses were not stopping at this location I asked that the council update the NTA with regards a requirement to install bus stop poles/signs at the Entrance to Esmondale on both sides of the Kilcullen Road in Naas

Provide Bus Shelters for Ballymore, Kilcullen, Sallins and Kill

I have also advocated for the installation of proper bus shelters at numerous locations in Ballymore, Kilcullen, Sallins and Kill

Upgrade Council Car Parks

Requested upgrades to our council car parks to make the safer with better lighting and CCTV and payment options with incentives for long term parking for the town.

"Go Ahead" fleet of buses

Motioned that the council write to the NTA regarding the rollout of the new "Go Ahead" fleet of buses that will service the Naas Municipal district requesting that they invite the operators to Aras Chill Dara for an awareness day of this new brand of transport for this area, where people can find the information timetables and in particular demonstration of the wheelchair accessibility of the new buses

Pedestrian Crossing at Castlefen, Sallins

Following numerous requests from council meetings, work from the Sallins Road Action group and a public outcry we have successful in getting a pedestrian crossing near Castlefen Sallins to be installed shortly

Footpath and road repairs

I have asked for the following footpath and road repairs this year and some have already been completed

Replace and Improve footpaths

Replacing the footpath outside the old Naas Cinema Main Street, Whelans shoes, Lawlors Hotel to Friary Road and improve the road and footpath outside AppleGreen on Newbridge Road

Improve Craddockstown Cycle Route

Following reports of money sitting the councils accounts for several years and could be lost, I asked that this council uses the 430k received for the footpath improvements and new cycle route from the Craddockstown school to the Ballycane Road before the money is returned in February 2019

Investigate Pedtrian and Cycle
Bridge for Ballymore Eustace

On foot on community requests, I motioned that the council prepares a costing for a pedestrian and cycle bridge over the River Liffey in Ballymore Eustace with a view to applying for funding of this project through the Rural Regeneration Grants scheme for next year

Utility Providers for Coughlandstown  and Ballymore Eustace

I have consistently put pressure on the council and utility providers to come together to resolve the Coughlandstown road closure in Ballymore Eustace. The remediation project proposal is finally out for public consultation

APCOA and unencrypted methods of payment

Following public concerns, I asked that Kildare County Council requests that their pay parking providers APCOA address the unsecured and unencrypted methods of payment that they offer, namely Text Message [SMS], and that they provide proof of an up to date PCI compliance licence certificate. Which has since been provided.