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©2019 by Cllr Sorcha O'Neill.


The Shopping Centre

The eye sore that is the unfinished building site known as the Shopping Centre has been high on my priorities. I have made repeated requests for action on the issue over the years. We have been promised that the site will be put on the open market several times now. I asked that the council investigate acquiring the car park and sell off the other units for various uses to which was not feasible for the council. Following a lengthy legal wrangle they are now out of road on which to delay any more. I am confident that action will occur shortly. If not, I have also requested that if it’s not on the market this year as promised for the second time that they site is registered on either the Derelict or Vacant site registration to which financial penalties will apply.

Additional public parking near the Town all

For the future, I have suggested that the council source additional public parking near the Town Hall to facilitate the additional footfall when the new library is finished

Stimulate Regeneration

To stop hoarding and to stimulate regeneration I have consistently pushed for Vacant sites levy and derelict sites penalties implementation through the district. The penalties for the Vacant site will come into effect next year which should see some movements on sites that have been lying idle and perhaps an eye sore to the detriment of the town. This is true for both commercial and residential properties.

Midsummer Arts Festival

I am a voluntary committee member and organiser of Midsummer Arts Festival that takes place this year on 21st/22nd June. Now in its fourth year running, this arts and family fun festival has been welcomed as a great addition to the events program for the community enjoyment and bring life and footfall to the town centre.

New Town Hall Library available for Artists

Further to community requests, I requested for any empty public buildings or space that the council make have available in the MD that could be rented as a space for artists to work and display their art. The new town hall library will be made available for artists.

Ballymore Eustace : Additional Public Lighting

I pushed the council for a time line for the objective to add a public realm study for additional and lighting upgrade for Ballymore Eustace to its list of objectives and provide an approximate time on when this could be started.

Footpath Repairs

The Naas Access Group which I am also a voluntary committee member has been responsible for numerous projects in Naas to improve our town such footpath repairs and the new community and remembrance gardens.

Sallins Public Realm Upgrades

Since I was elected in 2014 I have consistently pushed the council to deliver on its public realm upgrade promises for Sallins and grateful to know that they put forward a request for funding from government to develop the centre of the village and to provide the pedestrian bridge at the school. We await the decision on funding.

Dublin and Kilcullen Roads

To mitigate against any interruptions in business with roadworks planned for the Dublin and Kilcullen Roads in Naas I asked that this municipal district writes to the both the Dublin Local Enterprise Office (LEO) and the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and asks if they have any initiatives or any evidence that such initiatives have assisted businesses during times of disruptions during Luas works

Improve on Street Cleaning

Since the street cleaning operations does not currently address the demands or remove the likes of dog fouling on footpaths I ask that the council invests in a power washer and a pedestrian crew to regularly pick up litter, clear broken glass clean the footpaths on the main thoroughfares in Naas. While this has not been invested in, the street scape cleaning has improved somewhat.

Kilcullen market square development

To assist with the regeneration of Kilcullen village, I motioned that if the municipal district finds any funds left over in any budget this year that it be put towards the costs associated with the redesigning of the Kilcullen market square development.

Provide free WiFi in rural towns.

I put in a request to the council to avail of the grants announced from the European Union Commission (EU) to provide free WiFi in rural towns. This has been installed in the main street of Naas but should be rolled out to our other villages in our district too.