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©2019 by Cllr Sorcha O'Neill.


Cervical Check Scandal

That this council noting the recent Cervical Check Scandal, writes to and calls upon the Minister for Health, the Taoiseach to acknowledge, support and respond in detail to the demands of the Standing 4 Women* Campaign. These include Legislation and policy on mandatory open disclosure independent of the patient safety bill, 

Provision of a start and end date and full disclosure on the 1800 smears yet to be audited, Breakdown of the new packages being negotiated laboratories carrying out smear slide analysis including mandatory site audits


HOUSING: In an effort to speed up the turnaround the time on vacant council houses. I called on the council to use a mobile/ computerized system for the turn around when reletting its housing stock in this Municipal District

Fire Services

Fire Services: That this council writes to the Minister of Defense and Minister Joe McHugh to outline our disappointment that retained Fire Fighters were omitted from receiving the commemorative 1916 medal for their contribution to front-line emergency services. The medal was awarded to full-time and auxiliary firefighters, civil defence, ambulance services who received this award from the state. We believe it is only fair and right that retained firefighter personal also receive the same. See supporting documentation attached. 


Banking: In light of further withdrawal of banking services to cashless banks I ask that this council writes to the Department of Finance urging them to expand the powers and remit of credit unions and post offices so that these institutions can provide the local services that the banks are taking away from our communities


Following complaints about extensive waiting list and unutilised equipment in other areas, I asked that the Dublin & Midlands hospitals work together and spread the cost of the estimated 4 million to provide a dedicated spinal theater in Naas General Hospital so to resolve the waiting lists in a more timely, effective and economical way rather than purchasing private surgeries or exporting surgeries to other countries

That this council writes to management of Naas General Hospital to ask that efforts are made to ensure free car parking for cancer patients or a designated family member or carer during their treatment.

Freedom of Information

Before this motion the FOI unit was buried on the council website. I asked that the council identity the FOI unit to the members and present a breakdown of the queries and work completed in the last year. This was to ensure the unit was in place and operational and complying with legislation

Child Safety Resources 2016

As Kildare was highly under resourced for Tusla staff in 2016 I motioned that the council writes to the minister for children and youth affairs to ascertain how many of the newly recruited staff and extra budget allocation for Tusla will go to clear the backlog of 550 suspected cases of child abuse in Kildare and West Wicklow. The letter also outlined that Kildare has the highest population of young people in the country and a higher demand for social services for children than both Tallaght and Ballyfermot combined but do not have the same resources as these areas. The letter asked ask why we do not have the same resources as these areas, why we are overlooked in Kildare, how they plan to address this inequality and corresponding timeline

Supporting Local Post Offices 2016

As part of my commitment to support local communities community I motioned the full council to reaffirm our commitment to keeping Post Offices at the heart of our communities by writing to government to asking government to take action to allow  Post Offices to expand their services and stop any closures. Finally to support the postmasters own six point plan to save the network and expand

Business and Regeneration

In 2018 I supported the request for funding and application for the Purple Flag initiative. This accolade was achieved by applied for by the local chamber and a number of businesses and community members. We were awarded the flag and hosted the annual awards ceremony in the Osprey in Naas in 2019. This will be a positive internationally recognised award in our standards and hospitality offerings in Naas.

In 2015 I proposed that Kildare County Council and its members to consider a scheme to that would pay back monies on commercial rates. During the recession, this was to ease the commercial rates burden to businesses for 2016. The motion was well received by the Council and was referred to the Economic Special Policy Committee. The applicants must also participate in and complete an Economic Profiling survey report! This was realised as the Shop Front Grants improvement scheme in 2018/19

In 2016 That this council writes to Public Representatives in both Asbourne and Kells Co Meath councils inviting Councillors to a Q&A session on their experience of both one town accepting new cycle lanes, footpaths and loss of car parking and the other town rejecting the funding. The purpose is to see comparative size commuter towns and how they been affected (good or bad) by the disruptions, trade and general health of the towns. 

Also in 2016, there was considerable amount of hoarding of prime commercial properties which was holding back the town and in some cases an eye sore. I asked that the council devises a policy a levy on vacant commercial properties in our towns and villages like the vacant site levy and register introduced in 2018.

Parking in Ballymore Eustace

Upon my request to the council in 2015 to resolve the parallel parking along the newsagent shop/old credit union entrance to the St Brigid's Terrace estate in Ballymore Eustace. As the parking at the time can sometime block the entrance/exit to the estate


Upon several motions and input into the environment committee we resolved to tackle the early morning waste collections. Waste management companies in Naas were waking residents by waste collections from housing estates as early 4.30am. They have since made it policy that collections cannot start in residential areas before 6.30am


Ensuring all road signage is bilingual and encouraging more use of the Irish Language in everyday life. In 2015, I ask that this council designates the Naas Municipal District as “network Gaeltacht”  or "Grésasán na Gaeilge" as per the National 20 year strategy plan. This declaration, that is also in place in Carlow and Clondalklin would serve to assist community groups and promote the district with a tourism selling point. At the time of the motion the application process had closed indefinitely. Local community group Cill Dara le Gaeilge are working on a similar initiative and have compiled a county wide 5 year Irish language Strategy, the first of its kind in the country.

I actively encouraged the council to promote the town hall on Naas Main Street to groups and weddings and general use as it was completely under utilised. I then added to their corporate plan in 2015/2016 that it should be used a community and cultural hub and tourist office for the town. I am delighted the council decided to take some of my suggestions on board by regenerating the building for a new library. This lynch pin will bring much needed footfall to the town and offer many services in addition to library such as historical information, artist gallery, study and work spaces and more.

Back in 2015 Upon request of the Tidy Towns in Naas I motioned that the council agrees to allow Tidy Towns to be able to use one of the empty offices in the Town Hall. They will continue to occupy a small office in the town hall after the library is relocated there


To help ease traffic congestion on the Dublin Road and on the N7, I asked for a park and ride facility near the Ball Junction or perhaps on the former Donnelly mirrors site. I am delighted to say that the council is currently compiling a transport and movement strategy for Naas and Sallins. I hope that this will lead onto better transport decisions and connectivity for Naas and Sallins.

To promote a healthier transport option, I have asked the council to investigate Free Bikes service in Naas stationed and station less. They are currently evaluating proposals