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©2019 by Cllr Sorcha O'Neill.

Environment and Climate Change

Single Use Plastics

Brought forward a motion in 2016 to ban single-use plastics in the council building which is home to over 600 employees and to encourage others to do the same. Successfully done 2 years ago before it became a popular issue of this year.

Safeguard Irish Soils

Motioned for Kildare County to write writes to the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment requesting that this government pushes for an EU Soils Directive which would safeguard Irish soils.

Solar Power and other Energy Saving Schemes

Motioned that KCC replicates the Euronet model in promoting the 50/50 methodology in gains sharing in PV solar power in our schools and public buildings as soon as possible. Requested that public buildings move to be retrofitted with energy saving schemes and PV solar power and profit share any earnings to go back to schools etc. Successful. Council building installed PV solar panels on its own building and retrofitted the Athy library and plans are afoot to do a similar retrofit with the Naas Town Hall Library move.

Anti Dumping

Have put forward proposals for Anti Dumping initiatives such as CCTV and requested the council apply for nationally available funding to do the same.

Home Energy Kits

Requested and received Codema home enery kits to be made available in Kildare via the Libraries

Litter Problems

Motioned that the council tackles the ongoing food packaging litter problem at the canal bridge in Sallins.

Grow it Yourself

Assigned Local Property Tax to support an Orchard and a GIY learning program in a school in Naas. This will be open to the public shortly.

Public Water Refill Stations

To help combat the mounting up of single-use plastics and plastic bottles, I ask that the council installs public water refill stations in its building and other public buildings going forward.

Dog Fouling

Constructed High Vis flags and mapped out all the dog fouling in my own estate and promoted this very visual representation to create awareness of the amount of dog litter there was on our community space. This was also effective reminder to those who do not clean up after their pooches of how determinantal their inactions are and the scale of it. The green area has since improved greatly

Releasing of lit lanterns

I asked that KCC bans the releasing of lit lanterns, Chinese or otherwise into the air in this municipal district.

Cycle Lanes from Recycled Material

Motioned that the council investigate the possibility of using recycled materials for building cycle lanes such as the Dublin and Kilcullen Roads in Naas.

Sustainable Tiny House Development

Upon a motion I brought forward, I asked the council to write to the Joint Committee on Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government requesting that the Naas Municipal District be considered for a pilot project for a Sustainable Tiny House Development as well as Additional Development Units and that this pilot project be permitted for inclusion in the Naas Local Area Plan. This pilot was requested by a number of persons who would like to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment while saving money. Still awaiting a decision from the committee.

Recycling Ambassadors Program

Requested that KCC and its members support and facilitate the Recycling Ambassadors Program by Voice Ireland and Repak to deliver workshops / talks to adults and that grant information to achieve this is distributed to the PPN.


As a designated voluntary Climate Change Ambassador with An Taisce I provide, and am available for community groups, for talks and presentations on Climate Change, the science behind it, the effects both worldwide and locally and actions we can all take to help combat and reduce climate change and its effects